Brief testimonials from our school mates.

I always tell anyone who cares to listen that one of the best things ever in my life is attending Federal Government College, Port Harcourt. There, I forged alliances and bonds that will continue to be nurtured for the rest of my life. Just like everyone in my generation, we hated the boarding school for the first two years and then afterwards, we loved every experience that we underwent, whether it was good, bad, adventurous or even life-threatening. Therefore, joining the Lagos chapter of the alumni came naturally to me. When the Lagos chapter took off for the umpteenth time in 2012, it felt so good to go back to school. That is the thrill I get at the monthly meetings. I look forward to the backslapping, the reminiscences of seniors, juniors and classmates alike. The association provided me with the opportunity to remain a part of the FGC PH family and stay connected to my schoolmates, friends, taking advantage of networking opportunities at a professional and social level at alumni events. The association often offers development support by inviting guest speakers to coach on important issues at the meetings. I can testify to that as my career has been boosted by opportunities I received from being an active member of the alumni association. What I love most about the Lagos chapter is the support shown to all members. Personally, I enjoy traveling to support our friends at their various events across the country. From weddings to funerals to baby christening and house warming, there is always a social event and turning up at these events gives the host/hostess a sense of belonging, knowing that the bonds formed decades ago, still remain strong.
Funmilola Lawore
Class of 1991.

Federal Government College Port Harcourt evokes great memories. It stirs up wonderful feelings from the times at school, to those of the Alumni Association. Appreciation and celebration of these memories influence our roles, increasing our hope for a better tomorrow. The overwhelming feeling of something to come, from the moment of setting foot at Rumuola Campus of the College till the last days at Rumuokoro, was eclectic. A combination of emotions, all delivered a la carte. We got some education, formed friendships and bonds some of which are maintained till date. We lost some good friends and colleagues along the way. Tonye Claude-Wilcox, Sonny Webber, Bulus Maidoki, Obiasosa Wakama, Nwamaka Offor, Udeme Andy, Atuna Baby... don't even bother with his real name for that is how he is engraved in our memory. Secondary school ended. Life happened. Enter the Alumni Association. In 1994 yours truly, as Provost of the Association, volunteered to buy pots at Onitsha on behalf of the Lagos Chapter, and deliver at School in Port Harcourt. With joy and a sense of pride that I was giving back to my alma mater, I loaded my sedan with 99 pots in the booth, on the front and back seats. I took them to Enugu where the School name was engraved on them, and headed to deliver them at the School kitchen in Port Harcourt. I remember reporting to Snr. Chukwudi Onyekwere, our Lagos Chapter President then, that "The eagle has landed." The feeling of accomplishment was infectious. We reconvened in March 2012 after a break of almost two decades. The responsibility was thrust upon a few great men, women and I, to chart the course for the new beginning. We came with a heart full of love for the Association. Eyes on the ball, we made steady progress. Thanks to the Alumni for their zeal and to Mr & Mrs Uche Obilor, who provided the venue for our monthly meetings. We had a vision and belief. As the President, my personal decision was to be present at every monthly meeting. To achieve this, the sacrifice was enormous. Respect for all alumni irrespective of year of graduation was sacrosanct. Everyone had to have a sense of belonging. We travelled rough roads holding on to the dream of a new dawn. We built from scratch, making great strides while creating the structure for the Association. Feels good to look back with satisfaction knowing that it was worth it. Our Association was formally registered at CAC with tremendous help from our Secretary Barr. Tamuno Atekebo. He supplied all the stationeries for our meetings, from the beginning to the end of our tenure, making his office available as we worked sometimes till early hours of the morning. A new alumni logo was produced for the Association by Dr. Uwem Akangson through a UK company. I was the in house design consultant. The mother of our ExCo was Dame Ikwo Uloh. Organisation of our meetings fell squarely on our Treasurer Victoria Dateme, the work horse of our tenure. Publicity & private bookings for our trips was handled by Funmilola Lawore. Dr Lilian Ibe took care of our medicals. Taiwo Omotosho, our Asst. Sec was Mr. Fix it. Ndubisi Owoghiri was our Provost. The vision for reconstruction and renovation of the school fence came after the killing of a teacher, Mr. Mong, by hoodlums who broke into the school compound through the porous perimeter fence in 2012. It happened few months after we reconvened. We had no funds to warrant such a gigantic project but we believed. We reached out to the family after the burial and worked diligently to achieve that vision. Thanks to our dedicated members and Executive Committee. The fence project was divided into units of 10 metres each, at the cost of N40,000 per unit. The ExCo, Nengiye Dia our selfless photographer, and an external Documentary crew, visited the school for firsthand assessment and recording. Interviews of staff and students were also conducted and documented. The Chapter held a fund raising for the fence project during the Excellence Ball at the Civic Centre Lagos on sat. Dec. 6, 2014. The commissioned documentary on the school, premiered at the Ball, for everyone to have a first hand appraisal of the need for the project. Excellence Awards were given to outstanding alumni. The then Principal, Mrs Violet Oyama, alumni of our School and other Unity Schools graced the occasion. The execution of the fence project commenced and finished at the second half of 2015 due to the general elections and the attendant security issues in the country which took over the activities of the first half. The second Excellence Ball was held on sat. Dec.12, 2015, to showcase the finished fence project. A documentary also premiered on the process and completion. In 2017, plastering, coping and painting of the Ikwerre Road section of the fence, was carried out. For this phase, funding came strictly from our Association dues. A plaque was installed at the entrance of the school in memory of the departed teacher, Mr Mong. The Principal Mrs. Chi Madueke happily informed us that she got a call from the Commandant of Bonny Camp, opposite our school, saying that the outstanding beautification of our school had become the landmark for their Camp. In Lagos Chapter, Alumni employment and welfare are supreme. We have taken care of those in distress officially and unofficially.. We celebrated alumni birthdays and attended events in and out of Lagos. We visited and supported a challenged school introduced to us by one of our dedicated alumni, Mrs Tokunbo Olayinka (nee Akinyele). The camaraderie grew. We became a family. One of our lowest moments however was the passing of the boisterous Olisa Nwakoby of 1988 set. At the AGM of the general body held in Port Harcourt on Jan. 27, 2018, Lagos Chapter was handed the responsibility of leading the Association for a year ending Jan. 26, 2019. We connected all the Chapter Presidents, home and abroad, for smoother operations. We successfully held a two session Plenary in Port Harcourt, for the Unity Schools Old Students' Association (USOSA) on June 30, 2018. The sessions featured talks by two former State Governors. Senator Ahmed Makarfi of Kaduna State spoke at the morning session and Mr Peter Obi of Anambra State, at the evening session. The impact was tremendous. The offshoot of the USOSA plenary was the encouragement by some stake holders to extend same service to USOSA. The result was a robust research on projects collaboration with alumni. Proposals for scholarship, exchange programmes, seminars and symposia for students and teachers were included. Discussion on an interactive App and insurance scheme for USOSA alumni were in the works. Capital projects such as the construction of multiple sport astro turf courts were on standby. These initiatives were documented in the brochure we circulated. We identified a lacuna and were in a position to fill it. We reached out for the mandate to serve. We were sincere in our purpose. So much would have been achieved if we were challenged with that responsibility. We kept the faith through the years. Like a treasure buried in multiple fragments of our yesterday, unearthed to make the beautiful whole, we cherish the atmosphere for the crystallisation of these cares. Everything that has a beginning must have an end. Inspite of the call to stay a while longer in the Lagos Chapter, we knew it was time to hand over the baton. We had a successful election on Nov. 23, 2019. With great joy we handed over to a new breed of alumni led by Mr. Gogo Kurubo, on Jan 18, 2020. They have taken off on an excellent note. We implore the new Executive Committee to increase the membership, identify and mentor those who will take over from them. We appeal to all alumni to continue supporting them in their bid to serve the Association. We look forward with high hopes, to a greater tomorrow. Long live FGCPHOSA Lagos Chapter. Long live FGCPHOSA.
July 01, 2020.
Chike Onuorah
Class of 1983.